Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goal reached!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After spending approximately 5 months add clicking, answering surveys and  writing on Squidoo I am proud to announce that my initial goal of 10€ had been reached. Today another 5€ was deposited into my bank from mysurvey.ie. This brings me to a total value of 12.34€ earned on the Internet, 2.34€ more than my goal was.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly NONE of these comes from addclicking. That being said, which the change to Clixsense payout treshhold I might actually be able to pull out 8$ from them in 6 days time. (at 7.892$ atm, so should be doable.)

Pretty excited about January payday, I think it will be good as I have a good bunch of lenses in tier 3 and hopefully I will keep my Dwarf Rabbit Care lens in t2.

December pay day is first though and only 18 days or so away \^.^/

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Delayed earnings update, but with really good news.

My Internet disappeared for 5 days and I was as such unable to continue my clicking adventure or update this blog on earning money from home.
However, now I am back in full force and with some really good news!
But first the update on earnings from my online money making adventures:

Surveyhead: 15.05 $ still no new surveys from Surveyhead. So close, yet so very far
Clixsense : 7.729$ Part of the good news comes from ClixSense. From the 1st of February the payout treshold has been lowered to 8$. This means I should be able to cash in on my clicking adventure as I think I will probably reach 8$ around the start of February. Good news indeed!
Neobux: 0.827$ Still quite some way from the 2$ payout treshold.
Dungeons and Treasures : 10k gold and 1.197$
Mysurvey: 580 points (115 points is 1€) I am going to request a payout as I can get 5€ for 575 points.
GlobalTestmarked: 115 points (1000 points is 50$) These guys are really slow at sending out surveys and I don't think I will ever actually get anything from them.

The most exciting thing though is that I had my first payday at Squidoo.
 Squidoo: 7.19$ paid to my PayPal account. This is both Amazon sales and tier ranking. Not bad at all for the first payday! I currently have 3.10$ pending on my dashboard. And that ladies and gentlemen means that Squidoo has already for certain made me 10$ in 2 and a half month!

With my Squidoo paycheck this brings me to a total amount of 7.6 € paid out (as 7.19$ converts to approximately 5.6€).

And that is the second part of the good news. I am very, very close to my goal of 10€ \^.^/

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First earnings update of 2012

 New Years came and went and the world did not end.
I am back with an earnings update and to talk a little about my newest project. But first the numbers for the cold hard cash! :)

Surveyhead: 15.05 $ (I keep checking back on the site as I am quite close to the payout, but I haven't been given a survey for ages, maybe they don't want to pay me. We will see what happens)
Clixsense : 7.37$
Neobux: 0.713$
Dungeons and Treasures : 5.4k gold and 1.132$ + a tiny bit waiting for conversion from December.
Mysurvey: 480 points (115 points is 1€) I am saving up for the 5€ payout this time at 575 points
GlobalTestmarked: 115 points (1000 points is 50$) 10% mark reached. These guys are really slow at sending out surveys though

Recently I haven't received many surveys  at all and when I have, I haven't had much luck qualifying. We will see what happens now that Christmas and New Years is over.

 Squidoo: 4.29$ pending
Squidoo is quite interesting at the moment, because I am slowly building up and deciding upon a niche. (or should I say several niches.)
So far I am looking at Movies of the 90s one of my lenses on that is top 10 Cartoon and Animated movies of the 90s
Another niche is Magic the Gathering. I recently finished a list of all the Angel creature cards in MTG
The one niche I am the most excited about is Scandinavian Design. So Far I have only made one lens in the area, which is about Georg Jensen design, but it is something I am quite passionate about and I am looking into setting up an interlinked blog on the subject.

My first Payday on Squidoo will be the 15th of January and I am quite excited to see what will happen. I didn't have many lenses going in the first month though so probably wont be more than a few pennies, but still! :)

Overall Payout so far: 2 €

Oh yes, I promised to tell you about my newest project as well.  I have started a new blog just for fun. I call it the Pink-A-Rator. Have a look if you like pink stuff I am sure you will enjoy it.