Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another Squidoo Payout

This post is a bit delayed since the payout happened on the 15th of March, however I have been quite busy with a lot of stuff that is happening in my life at the moment.

This payday covered the money I earned with my lenses in January and I saw quite a jump in my earnings.

41.30$ was paid out to my PayPal account. It is still not close to being able to replace a job, but it is a nice little extra boost of money. It got me even more excited about Squidoo and I am working hard on getting my 70th lens created.

Right now I am at 68 lenses and I am hoping I can throw 2 more together before March is over. My latest lens is on some of the more unique LEGO items out there and I am hoping the gift guide can help me get more earnings and help people buy more interesting gifts. :)