Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another breakdown of money earned on the Internet

Christmas is over and it is time for another update on earnings. It has been 10 days since I wrote here last, but as you will see it is not the biggest changes that has happened.

Surveyhead: 15.05 $
Clixsense : 7.16$
Neobux: 0.666$
Dungeons and Treasures : 28k gold and 1.132$
Mysurvey: 480 points (115 points is 1€) I am saving up for the 5€ payout this time at 575 points
GlobalTestmarked: 115 points (1000 points is 50$) 10% mark reached. These guys are really slow at sending out surveys though

 Squidoo: 3.86$ pending

Payout so far: 2 €

As you can see I didn't have any big earnings with Squidoo yet. I got a bit late into the game, however I foresee some good stuff with Christmas next year.

I only created one New Years Eve lens as well listing great songs for the 2012 New Years Eve Playlists
I guess I will have to start thinking about Valentines day.
Once I have been with Squidoo for an entire year, things should look much better as I will start to have lenses that covers every major holiday and event. Can't wait to see how things look next year at this time. :)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Woven Christmas Paper Heart Baskets

Are you looking for something to entertain your children or yourself with while waiting for Christmas to arrive?

Why not spend the time crafting these easy Heart Baskets? They are ideal for decorating your Christmas tree or for hanging in the window.

Find the whole step by step guide for the Paper heart basket craft here. You will even find template for the hearts ready to print and use.

This paper craft is so easy that even younger children can participate and have fun as long as you just cut out the 2 pieces of paper for them.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas. :)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I figured it was about time I did another update on earnings. I know I haven't been as regular with these lately, but honestly I have been swamped. I am trying  my best to get Squidoo  going and having a blast, so that is where my energy is at the moment.
My Squidoo'ing is also having an impact on my clicking although I do try to remember I must admit that neobux and Dungeons and Treasures are being neglected quite a bit. I still do Clixsense and all the surveys whenever they are available though.

Here are my stats:

Surveyhead: 15.05 $
Clixsense : 6.28$
Neobux: 0.599$
Dungeons and Treasures : 21k gold and 1.132$
Mysurvey: 480 points (115 points is 1€) I am saving up for the 5€ payout this time at 575 points
GlobalTestmarked: 100 points (1000 points is 50$) 10% mark reached. These guys are really slow at sending out surveys though

 Squidoo: 3.17$ pending

Payout so far: 2 €

So far it is clear that surveys has made me the most (the only thing that has paid out yet is surveys and the money from Surveyhead is looking good). However I have faith in Squidoo. I see a little more visitors every day and once in a while I even get a clickout that leads to a purchase.

We will see how things goes in 2012! :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Cute and funny Dwarf rabbits - how to make them companionable

Dwarf rabbits are extremely cute and funny which makes them excellent pets. They are not always 100% up for being held, but they are almost always available if you are offering to pet it with no strings attached. If your dwarf rabbit trusts you, it will start relaxing when you are around and you can end up with your bunny lying next to you on the sofa while you are watching your favourite show. (Although your pet rabbit might prefer the x-factor over twilight).
Here is my Dwarf rabbit Ronja, relaxing with me after he has had a good exersize.

Dwarf Rabbit Ronja, relaxing on the couch.
For you to build a relationship with your dwarf rabbit, where he is willing to lie still like this you need to make sure he trusts you and feels completely at ease in your company. Here are some good advice on how to build trust with your rabbit:

  • Make sure you handle your bunny on a daily basis.
  • Pick your rabbit up and stroke him. 
  • Make your bunny sit on your lap, but don't force it to stay. 
  • Make sure you give your bunny treats while you are petting it 
  • Most importantly of all. Don't restrict your rabbit when it doesn't want your company anymore. Bunnies are prey animals and does NOT like to be stuck.
If you follow that advice you should have a companionable, loyal little rabbit in no time.

As I have mentioned before I have written an entire lens on Dwarf Rabbit care which at this point has gotten quite extensive (and luckily it has also started to get quite regular google traffic). Check it out for more dwarf rabbit pictures, info and for a funny bunny video of a Dwarf rabbit playing.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Earnings update

Very exciting news this update. I have withdrawn my first money. I reached 230 points on mysurvey for which I withdrew 2€ to my paypal account. After their charges I now have 1.63€ on my account. The first money I have earned from this whole project. 8.37€ to go! :D
Surveyhead: 13.85$
Clixsense : 6.01$
Neobux: 0.570$
Dungeons and Treasures : 16k gold currently processing and 1.132$ (I only played Dungeon and Treasures once this month, but my mom has been playing and I am still getting referral gold from her).
Mysurvey: 0 points (115 points is 1€)
GlobalTestmarked: 95 points (1000 points is 50$) slowly slowly nearing the 10% mark.

And finally Squidoo:
Squidoo: 2.94$ (pending to get paid to my PayPal account.

I haven't earned much on Squidoo the last couple of days despite now having 22 lenses and quite a lot of traffic. I am still trying to find my niche and to figure which types of lenses will make you money and which wont. It is still tons of fun though so I am just going with it. One thing that worries me though is that my main lenses that gets traffic atm is the christmas ones and I am scared that once christmas is over I wont see any traffic. We will see though I still have 16 days to go until the holiday season is over so theres plenty of time to add some non christmas related lenses. :)

One more thing. I am now only 4$ from my first Clixsense payout, which is both awesome and also very frustrating as it sounds like very little, but in reality it is A LOT. i was just looking at my Clixgrid earnings and  I have won 2.95$ on the game, but I have also clicked 2.271 times that is 0.0013$ per click as each click takes 10 sec to validate that means and hourly income of 0.46$ which is quite ridicolous. Still hoping for that 5$ win though as that would be a quick way to reach my goal.

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How to make paper boxes

My latest lens is a step by step guide on how to make folded paper gift boxes like these

They are really simple to make they are amazingly versitile. Furthermore it is a really easy way to add a bit of personalized WoW factor to a present. I have used these for creative gift wrapping for many years now and they never fail to impress people. Check out the guide for easy DYI boxes for yourself and tell me they aren't simple to make.

This particular lens was made because I wanted to share something I have enjoyed crafting for years, ever since I was a young child. I hope it will come in handy for you! :)

Magic the Gathering Abilities

I learned english by playing Magic the Gathering! Well not solely of course, I had english classes, english movies, english books and a lot of other stuff in english, but I will make the bold statement that Magic the gathering is the reason I went in to all of those other things with the enthusiasm I did.

When Magic the Gathering was launched in 1993 I was 11 years old and my english was pretty much limited to "my name is" and "hello".

Then my cousin introduced me to Magic the Gathering and I had to learn english. My cousin is a couple of years older than me and in 1993 his english wasn't really stellar either, but together we spelled our way through the rule book and the card abilities and flavour texts.
I will admit that for the first couple of years we were playing, we probably made up a lot of rules, we played Magic the Gathering as we thought it was meant to be played based on our limited english skills. If something was too hard for us to translate we would just ignore that part. This was true for Cumulative upkeep for instance. (Those cards were ridicolously overpowered in our games until we grasped the meaning.)

From I was 11 and until I was 20 my grandmother would give both me and my two cousins booster packs for christmas and we would spend the holidays together playing and constructing decks. I don't buy as many cards anymore, however I still love to play Magic the Gathering and to see all the new abilities and additional rules Wizard of the Coast adds every year to keep the game vibrant and interesting.  If you have a child age 11 or up, this may be the perfect gift for them, both in terms of enjoyment and socialising, but also as a way to make them want to learn english. (this is helpful for both non native speakers and for native speakers as their vocabulary is bound to be expanded either way.)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

20th lens a top 10 of the best Ritter Sport chocolates on the marked

Celebrations are in order! I just finished my 20th lens which is very fittingly (for me) a tribute to Ritter Sport Chocolate.
I am a huge chocolate fan, so big in fact that I only half joke when I say I only work out so I can eat more chocolate without feeling bad about it.

It was really fun to put together the 10 ten over the best Ritter Sport Chocolate bars and as an additional positive I am now at the 20 lenses mark, which makes me quite proud. The next step will be 25 and then there is a long way to the 50 lenses milestone. I will get there though! :) Maybe you want to join me making lenses?

Saturday, 3 December 2011

defeat at the 20 lens self-challenge - distracted by Magic the Gathering

Tonight is the last evening of my vacation and I must admit to defeat. I only made it to 19 lenses.
I am not too upset though as my failure is due to spending more time than expected writing and putting together my 19th lens, this time on the topic of Magic the Gathering abilities. 

I played a lot of Magic when I was younger and it is a topic I am quite passionate about. For some reason I hadn't actually thought about putting a lens together on the subject of Magic the Gathering before, but it came to me in the morning and I just had to do it. That is how it goes. Once I had gotten started I knew that I wouldn't feel right unless I actually put some proper effort into it and I ended up spending almost 6 hours putting it together.

In hindsight it might not have been a very smart move from a time/money perspective as I am not entirely sure whether it will actually earn any sales. (I have this sneaking feeling that the target audience will either not have the means to buy from Amazon or they will already have dedicated shopping sites. Anyways, we shall see, maybe I am lucky and hit the right segment of players. :)

Writing this up made me think that maybe I should add a starter set to the lens... brb need to fix the lens!

...And back. Okay, but yeah I am quite happy with my My Magic the Gathering lens and hopefully it be worth the time investment.

In other news, I am always trying to find more ways to get backlinks and so today I joined Loveblinks it is targeted towards providing backlinks for Squidoo lenses and furthermore it gives you adsense money for any clicks made on your "blinks". The site seems to work quite the same as Top Reviewer. You add a couple of links that have something in common, you add a description and a title and you are done.

Here is one I did on Christmas lenses.

Anyways, tomorrow is work, but maybe I can squeeze in enough time in the evening to create my nr. 20 lens.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Top 3 christmas ornaments and decorations

I just put together this list of my favourite Christmas decoration lenses Best Review - Top 3 Christmas decorations and ornaments. It will be interesting to see if it drives any traffic at all.

I am also considering starting a Twitter account to help promote my lenses and this blog. I might do that once I have the target of 20 lenses under my belt. :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

 Here are my earnings so far.

Surveyhead: 12.85$
Clixsense : 5.78$
Neobux: 0.509$ (a 4th of the way to the 2$ payout)
Dungeons and Treasures : 246 430 gold currently processing and 0.713$ (I am only playing Dungeons and Treasures for pleasure now, so I do skip days from time to time).
Mysurvey: 160 points (115 points is 1€)I am going to withdraw when I have enough for 2€ so just another 70 points to go. 
GlobalTestmarked: 90 points (1000 points is 50$) Almost a tenth of the way although these guys seems very slow in sending out surveys.

And finally Squidoo:
Squidoo: 2.05$ (pending to get paid to my PayPal account.

This does not include the money paid for lens rank on Squidoo as I wont get paid for that until I my lenses have reached an age of 2 months. (they will gather up credit, it just wont be paid until 2 months has passed.)

I am currently trying to get into the whole idea of making sales lenses. I put together a Hello Kitty iPhone case lens which I hope will bring some traffic, however I am still trying to wrap my head around keywords and SEO and it might take many more lenses before I actually hit Jackpot. My Dwarf Rabbit care lens seems to be doing fairly well and so does my Christmas traditions in Denmark lens
I have weekend until sunday and the plan is to have 20 lenses up and running by then. Currently I have 16 lenses so that is 2 new lenses pr day. It should be doable, but we will have to see what happens. :) 

Summing up the earnings: 
21.902 $
and some unredeemed points. If that was all on 1 platform I would have reached my goal. As it is, there is still some way to go.

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Squidoo Squidoo Squidoo

I have been writing like a madman on Squidoo trying to get some money lenses going. I now have 15 lenses. Some of them I am more happy about than others. My top lens is still Ireland in Pictures however the visitor stream is dying down now that the initial run from lens of the day has disappeared. I am trying to save the lens rank by keeping it updated regularly. Lens rank equals payout from Squidoo so I would love to keep it high.

My Dwarf Rabbit Care lens is getting a lot of google traffic, which is awesome. It also just had its first sales yesterday so it has started earning me money. We will have to see if it keeps up, but right now I am super happy with the lens.

My newest lens is Hello Kitty iPhone skins I was looking through Amazon and I found these amazing Hello Kitty themes for iPhone, iPad, iPod and for the Kindle. I just had to put together a lens about it. I have no clue whether it will do well or not, but I do know that after writing the lens I really want an iPad so I can put one of the Hello Kitty iPad Cases on it. ;)

I also put together a lens on how to make Woven Paper Heart Baskets this was a pretty cool lens to write as I was doing all the crafting at the same time and I got into the christmas spirit while I was crafting, listening to christmas music and typing up the lens.

Then there is my lens on Blankets and throws. It got it's first comment today and it is very new so it isn't too strange that it is not more visited. I hope I got my keywords right for it and that it will start getting google hits at some point.

My purple star lens "My quest for the perfect Waffle Iron" has gotten a bit of Google traffic, however doesn't seem to be getting any sales. At least not yet. I do get some nice comments from the awesome people at Squidoo so that is something! :)

All in all things are better than I had expected, but I am a very impatient person and it annoys me when some of my lenses are not getting any visitors at all. I will need to tweak it seems! Tomorrow I will throw another update on earnings for all my projects. Hopefully there will be some nice numbers to show overall! :)

Join me in writing for Squidoo.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me

I have been with Squidoo since the end of October and I already have my first payment pending. It is just 1.03$ but it has been sent to my PayPal account. I can't wait for it to show up. :)

I know it is pocket change, but I am unreasonably excited about it!

Now it is all about building backlinks to keep the ball rolling. I joined Best-Reviewer in an attempt to lure trafic from Google. It is a fairly new site, but it has potential. Basically you create top 3, 5 or 10 lists (or any number inbetween) of links and you get paid for any adsense income on your page. I am not sure how much money it will generate in terms of adsense, but I hope it will give me some traffic.

I figure I should give you guys an update on my weekly earning as well:

Surveyhead: 12.10$

Clixsense : 5.46$

Neobux: 0.465$ (I have been slacking with Neobux, but I am determined to get to the first payout treshhold of 2$)

Dungeons and Treasures : 205 183 gold and 0.713$ (I am only playing Dungeons and Treasures for pleasure now, so I do skip days from time to time).

Mysurvey: 160 points (115 points is 1€) I am currently contemplating making a withdrawal.

GlobalTestmarked: 90 points (1000 points is 50$) Almost a tenth of the way.

Most importantly my newest addition and something I thoroughly enjoy:

Squidoo: 1.03$ (pending to get paid to my PayPal account.

So there you have it! :) I might be earning the most currently on Surveys, however in terms of enjoyment Squidoo is definitely miles above everything else.

My newest lens is about Waffle Toasters and my highest earning lens (0.75$) is about different types of Christmas Tree Toppers.

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me

Monday, 21 November 2011

First 10 lenses! \^.^/

I haven't had that much time to write as I pulled a 50 hour work week, however now it is my weekend and I just put another lens together. This time on Astrid Lindgren. She is my favourite Children's book author and I thought she deserved a tribute. The lens is a biography on Astrid Lindgren, but also a run through of her books. It gets around both Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lonneberga and many more of Astrid Lindgrens beloved characters.
Check it out here: http://www.squidoo.com/astrid_lindgren_Biography

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stubborn Streak

By now I have been clicking almost daily since the 29th of August.

I have been almost religious in my devotion to click at all opportunities. I have researched and joined several programs and I have been trying to spread the word about it in order to gain referrals (although I could probably have been a bit more agressive with the latter).
So far for 2 and a half month worth of clicking this is what I have to show for the time investment:

Surveyhead: 7.85$
Clixsense : 5.219$
Neobux: 0.455$
Dungeons and Treasures: 0.713$ (That is right the 363 982 gold I earned last month, with the help of my mother converted to a whopping 0.692$) Ihave 159k gold for this month so far, but I must admit that I had hoped to have at least 1$ by now.
Mysurvey: 105 points (115 points is 1€)
Global Testmarked: 90 points (1000 points is 50$)

In essence my suspicion has been confirmed. Paid to "something" is pretty much a useless way to earn money. The only way you could potentially earn anything relevant from these schemes is if you magically get people to sign up with you are their referrer. Sounds familiar? That is because it is very close to how pyramid schemes are working. All the sites I have come across have some way of attempting to get money from you. Clixsense has the premium membership upgrade where you earn more per link and get extra money from the Clixgrid, then there is Neobux where you can "rent referrals". Basically you buy referrer status for a number of people who recently signed up without being referred. You then get a percentage of their clicks. Dungeons and Treasures has it in the forms of ranks and star points. If you buy a higher rank your gold is converted at a better rate and if you buy star points you can unlock extra dungeons.
In the end though, the sites are not a charity so they are going to try and make money every which way they can and that means on you as well dear reader.

Now all that being said. I have a stubborn streak and I am going to complete the goal I set out for. I will make 10€ on this one way or another, however I will not recommend going down this route for anyone else unless you actually enjoy the thing you sign up for. (Like having fun with Dungeons and Treasures.)

The paid to take surveys sites are a bit different, they may not pay much, however the ones I have listed above doesn't attempt to get money off you. (be aware as there are some out there that will ask you for a fee to let you take surveys for money. I would stay awat from those.) if you like to express your opinions I recommend doing paid surveys. Who knows, it might even yield a helping hand to the household budget once in a while.

On a side note. Some good have come of this whole project. While scouring the web for ways to make money I found http://www.squidoo.com and started making lenses. I haven't earned a single dime yet (only been active for 15 days or so), however I am really enjoying myself and the community is great. Today my Lens http://www.squidoo.com/ireland-in-pictures was featured as lens of the day. I could barely believe it when I logged in and I am super excited about this! :D

I will keep blogging about my clicking adventure whenever there is something to note, but the majority of my time will be spent Squidoing and I really, really enjoy it :) Until next time!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I won 20000 from the Treasure hunt in Dungeons and Treasures. Still no conversion though. I am getting impatient! :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Tiny update

Just a small post to mention that Dungeons and Treasures has yet to update my earnings for October.

While I wait for that to happen I have started making lenses on Squidoo, both because I really enjoy writing and because it might also be a way to earn a little extra. Although it is not technically a "Paid To" Scheme, I am going count the money should I get anything from the efforts put into Squidoo. :)

You can check out my current two lenses here:

Ireland in Pictures
Books are Awesome

I will be back with an earnings update monday, hopefully by then Dungeons and Treasures will have converted my gold!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Another week another overview.

Another week has passed and it is time for an update on my earnings. First though I would like to share that I got lucky in the treasure hunt in Dungeons and Treasures this morning and earned an astounding 10000 gold. Those that has followed my blog from the beginning will know that, that is more than I had in total at the last gold conversion.

Anyways, here are my current earnings:

Surveyhead: 7.85$
Clixsense : 4.74$
Neobux: 0.355$
Dungeons and Treasures: 363 982 gold. (This is currently processing for conversion.)
Mysurvey: 105 points (115 points is 1€)
Global Test Marked: 70 points (1000 points is 50$)

All in all 12.945$ and then some. :)

As you can see not that much improvement from last week. So far it looks like the surveys are what earns the most, so I might see if I can't sign up for some more of those.

Otherwise it looks like I will need to get into the whole referral business for real. I am currently checking out the options on getting more referrals.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dungeons and Treasures - Basic how to earn money playing the game.

Time to go a bit more into my current favourite "paid to" scheme.

I have mentioned before that this is kind of an oldschool dungeon crawler, but the game is a bit broader than this.

When you first start out the game you are giving 500 gold. Make sure you spend it on a decent sword. There is a player marked and you can usually find a "Solid Sword" for a reasonable amount. If you are lucky you will also be able to afford a "Potion of Learning" on the first day. The trick to making a lot of gold from the page seems to be to level up as fast as possible because your character level affects the dungeon level. The higher the dungeon level the more gold you can make. If you have a look at the screen shot below you will see exactly what I mean. (note the gold earned does not include gains from chest keys or items that you sell).

As you can see I didn't make it past 50 so far and as I only have one day left of the the month, before the levels are reset I don't believe I will. It is however my goal for next month to get as high level as possible so I will be investing my gold in "Potion of Learning +2" as soon as I have the gold for it.

Aside from dungeon crawling I have a few daily routines on the site that I would recommend taking up:

The Temple:
Make sure you visit the temple every day and pray as you can get lucky and win gold doing this. Here is a list of my last 10 visits.

Last 10 visits DateGain
10/30/2011 01:42 Nothing
10/29/2011 04:06 Nothing
10/28/2011 04:12 Nothing
10/27/2011 04:10 1223 gold
10/26/2011 06:28 Nothing
10/25/2011 05:47 Nothing
10/24/2011 07:23 3500 gold
10/23/2011 04:29 Nothing
10/22/2011 18:13 Nothing
10/21/2011 02:52 Nothing

The Treasure Hunt:

Every day you can get one free ticket to the treasure hunt. Once you have claimed it go to the map and click any spot that is not yet blacked out. You usually get something, either a bit of gold or a key for the chest room. It seems you can also win real money as the Jackpot, but I have yet to be that lucky.

The Contest Clicks:
This is a bit more time consuming. The game runs contests over a period of time. (Current one is from 22th of october to 2nd of november). Whenever you refresh the page, there is a chance of a small icon spawning and flashing somehwere on the site.

If you click it a small window will open telling you how many tickets you have won. You can then go to the contest clicks page and scratch your tickets.

Each one will give you a number of Esteem points. By the end of the competition you will be rewarded gold or even star points based on your rank. Star points are really nifty because they can be used to purchase more dungeons. The contest click competition is one of the only ways to obtain star points without having to spend real money.

That was a basic rundown of the game. I might be looking into other details at a later date and maybe add some more advice on how to maximise your earning potential, once I have a better idea of this myself! :)

As a side note I am currently sitting on 338112 gold and I can't wait to see what that will be converted to in a couple of days.

Monday, 24 October 2011


I just had to share this! I was looking around for other options to add to my current list and I came across a site that revealed the official acronym for what I have until now referred to "Click and get paid" amongst other things.

GPT = Get Paid to.

I will totally be using this from now on as it nicely covers everything on my list so far! :)

Questions, many questions!

I am getting a bit impatient, the "money" is ticking in much slower than I was hoping and I am starting to realize that I might be sitting here still clicking next year at this time.

So! Time to branch out some more. I mentioned earlier that I've signed up for a couple of "Paid Survey" sites. So far most of them has been a disappointment, in the sense that they haven't actively offered me surveys. I do however seem to have some luck with http://www.surveyhead.com It offers a 4$ start up bonus and it gives you credit for filling out surveys about yourself. Futhermore it seems to be sending out surveys every week. So far I have only managed to qualify for one which paid 1.25$, which was quite reasonable since the survey was only 10 minutes long. I received a mail about one that would have paid 5$ earlier today, however sadly I didn't fit the demographic. :(

Payout Treshold is 25$ so with my current 6.6$ there is still a way to go, however at least I feel like I earn a relevant amount of money considering the time I spend.

Anyways, here is a rundown of the current earnings from my different venues:

Clixsense : 4.52$
Neobux: 0.253$
Dungeons and Treasures : 0.021$ 252576 gold pending conversion (24930 of which my mother has earned for me <3 )
Mysurvey: 25 points (115 points is 1€)

So as you can see combined I have reached 11.394$ which is approximately 8.2€. Still a looooong way until I can redeem from any of the sites and actually say that I earned something.
I don't intend on giving up though. I will keep looking for new options and hopefully I will have cashed in before October next year! ;)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sponsor Bonus

As I have visitors from home this week I might not have time to update the blog until monday, so figured I would write a few words tonight.

I logged in to a really nice surprise in Dungeons and Treasures yesterday. A message was waiting for me stating: "You've earned 23000 gold in the Top Sponsorship finishing at position 18th pretty neat bonus since it was approximately a 5th of what I had earned so far. Meanwhile my mother has now earned me 11.341 gold and my total gold is 174786 for the month to far. Will be pretty cool to see how much that is after the conversion to $. I don't have my hopes up too high, but maybe I will be able to make close to a dollar this month. :P

I never mentioned that I also signed up for another "click to get paid" website. This one is called Neobux. I wanted to check if it might be better than Clixsense, but so far it seems much slower (if that is even possible). There is no lottery and it looks like all adds rewards the same 0.001$ I signed up on the 7th of october and I have only managed 0.170$ so far. On the bright side, they apparently offer minimum payout of 2$ so maybe the site can help me get to my goal in combination with one of the others. However with this speed it will take me approximately 117 days to get to 2$ and that is without missing a single day of clicking. Soooo.... :)

Friday, 14 October 2011


Okay so I have 2 things to share.

The first thing is a piece of really great news.
Last wednesday I won in the Clixgrid game and this time it wasn't just 0.25$, no I won 2.50$ a sum that you could actually buy stuff for. It is 2 and a half liter of milk, 6 apples or a return bus ticket.

The win more than doubled my current earnings on the site and I now have 4.24$, this of course is still a long way from anything I can actually get cashed out, but I still feel I am much closer to the goal. Yay me!

The second thing I want to talk about is something I briefly touched upon in a previous blogpost. I have been looking around for alternative method of making money on the internet and one of the things I came across was Dungeons and Treasures. http://dungeons-treasures.com/inscription.php?c=1&p=55885
Now this may sound a bit weird to most sane people, but I actually really enjoy this game. Here is a small breakdown.

The game is an oldschool dungeon crawler a little like a very simplified version of Eye of The Beholder, without the story part. You have a character that can gain levels and get better equipment. Each day you can visit the tavern and get access to a dungeon. In the dungeon you will find items and gold on the floor which you can pick up and you will of course have to fight monsters to level up and to be able to explore the entire dungeon.

Yeah, yeah you are probably thinking, but what about the money? Well remember the gold I mentioned? Each month your gold is converted to real money and once you have enough you can cash out. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well before you go crazy there are a few things to mention. Whenever a monster damages you, you get 1 wound. When you reach 6 wounds you loose a life. You only have 3 lives per day. Furthermore you can only get one dungeon per day, so once you are done exploring that you have to wait for the next day to get a new one and continue earning money. Lastly the conversion of gold to real money is of course not very high so you have to earn a good deal of gold to get enough to cash out, however personally I am having fun playing! :)

Last month I only go to play a tiny bit which meant I only had around 8k at the time of conversion. That has left me with 0.021$

Dungeons and Treasures is advertising that you get some benefits from referring people and I really wanted to try out whether that was true or not so I asked my mom if she would help me out. As she is awesome, she of course said yes immediately and signed up with me as her Godfather (heh). At the moment it seems that I am getting 30% of her earned gold added to my stack which is actually pretty cool. So far she has earned me about 7k in 3-4 days. I am still curious to see if this page will actually cash out once I reach 10$, but so far I have gotten what it says on the tin.

One funny little thing about the game is that it was originally french and the translations on the page is sometimes pretty funny, but if the site is actually going to pay me for something I find entertainment I am not going to complain about it.

Feel free to sign up using the referral link http://dungeons-treasures.com/inscription.php?c=1&p=55885 and help me check if the site actually pays. (or don't use the referral link, I wont be angry I promise. Just slightly disappointed :P )

On a final note. Yes my mom plays video games and yes she is pretty frigging amazing! :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Quick update regarding "earnings"

Just a quick update on my current earnings. Below is a list of money, I will go more indept with which sites and such later when I have more time! :)

0.021 $
0.076 $
1.658 $
6.60 $

In total almost 10 $. No payouts available from any of them for quite some time yet though :(

Friday, 7 October 2011

More I need more!!!

So after celebrating my initial "success" with Clixsense (1.5$ and growing!) I sobered a bit. The page wont do payouts until I have collected 10$. With my current speed of earnings that means another 8 months or so before I see any actual real cash. That is not good enough, so I have set out to find other ways to make my 10€. I am going to race the cash out at Clixsense with other alternatives. Today I signed up for Neobux. So far I have managed to click myself to 0.015$. The site however promises payout at 2$, which hopefully means it wont be too long before I see the cash rolling in. Furthermore I signed up for multiple "get paid to for taking surveys" schemes and a single "play and get paid" site. The clever business woman branches out.. ;) 
I will keep you up to date!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

And we are off!

Okay so as mentioned I started this "project" approximately a month ago and I didn't start writing the blog until today. That means I owe you guys about a month worth of updates.

http://www.clixsense.com offers 2 types of clicks. 1 is the standard, click the advert for a sum of money. The second is sort of a lottery they call ClixGrid.

The first option provides a number of links to be clicked. Most of these offer 0.001$ per click. Yes that is right a 100th of a cent. If you are really lucky you will get one worth 0.005$ or 0.01$. The sites advertises that you can get up to 0.02$ per click, however as far as I am aware I have yet to see one of those crazy earning opportunities. Each click opens a new page with the advert in and 5 pictures in the top. You have to match two of the pictures in order for your click to count. This is an effort to ensure only real human beings are earning the astounding sums that are up for grabs.

You also have to have the page open (and as your main window on the computer) for a set amount of time before the credit is added to your account. The time varies depending on the sum and stretches from 3 seconds to 30 seconds.

The ClixGrid is a lottery. You pick a square on the board, it opens a new window to an advert, which you have to have open for 10 second before it shows you whether you won or not. You have 25 attempts per day and you can win up to 5$. Insane sums I know! So far I have actually won twice. 1 win of 0.01$ and 1 of the breathtaking amount of 0.025. To date I have done 813 clicks. That corresponds to 0.00.003$ per click. As I have spent 135.5 minutes or 2 hour and 15 minutes on this it mean the ClixGrid game sports an astounding 0.015$ an hour. Minimum wages says hello. ;)

Anyways I know everyone is waiting for the current running total so here we go since I started 29th of august I have earned: 1.43$ or 1.07 €. So there you have it. One tenth of the way to the goal!

Below is a screenshot of the daily gains for the last 30 days: 

It all starts...

Approximately 1 month ago I was browsing away on the Internet and stumbled across and advertisement stating it paid good money for clicking links. I am quite the realist, when it comes to Internet promises so I didn't for a second consider signing up. As the old saying goes. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

I didn't think more about it until later that day when I was going for a shopping trip. Walking to town takes about 20 minutes from my apartment and it is a perfect time to let your mind wander and allow the brain to play around with crazy ideas.

As I was walking, I started guesstimating how long it would take in order to earn anything close to substantiel from one of those sites and I realized I had not real idea of what to consider as basic gains.

The more I thought about this, the more curious I became and I decided that I was going to sign up for one of the pages just to find out, how ridicolously long it would take to make any real money from clicking links.

First I needed to decide what "real" money is. I chose 10€ as the sum to aim for, as that is what 1 training session for Capoeira costs and it would be cool to pay that with money earned by doing "nothing".

Next I sat down and reviewed "click and get paid" pages. I quickly learned that a lot of the pages out there are scams, where you have to pay for membership in order to get any payouts. Furthermore a lot of the pages do not hand out cash, but rather make you click for gifts or sweepstakes.

I tried to look for statements from multiple sources that confirmed payouts and I finally settled on http://www.clixsense.com as it seemed to be genuine.

I signed up and started clicking adds straight away... I had started down the road to easy riches!

(Just as a sidenote. I realize this is an absolutely pointless endeavour, however I am really curious to see exactly how long it will take me to get to 10€).

I am going to try for weekly updates on how the earnings are going, so you can follow my trip down the goldplated road of "click and get paid" clicking.

(By the way, I take no responsibility for the pages linked in this blog. I do not know if they are malicious scam pages or friendly money making opportunities. Personally I made sure to come up with a completely new password, which I never use for anything else. It is probably also a good idea to create a new email to use on pages like this.) 

Below is a screen shot of one of those sites I decided against joining... Something told me it wasn't 100% genuine ;)