Monday, 9 April 2012

4000 visitors broken

Just a small post to share my latest achievement.

Last week I had over 4000 visitors to my Squidoo lenses. I am far away from the numbers some of the big shots are pulling in, but I am really happy with reaching this benchmark.

As you can see I also have about 104$ pending. That is for a 2 month period, but I am really happy with it.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Future plans for making money

Right so I was made voluntary redundant from my job last friday which means I have to find another source of income.

Earning money on the web was always a little side hobby for me, it was nice with the extra money, but I wasn't relying on it to survive. Now however things are a bit more serious and it means I have to step up my game.

I am of course looking for a new job, however in the meanwhile I am going to spend as much time possible to see how much I can push my earnings online.

On the 6th of April I had 70 Squidoo lenses and the goal is that by the 14th of May I will have 100.

So far it is looking good and I have managed to create 4 quality articles, however I will need to publish approximately 1 per day to reach my goal. At the same time I can't neglect updating and tweaking the rest of them.

My most recent one is on Wizards of the Coast's newly announced Planechase 2012 Edition. So far there is not much information to add to the article, however it is something I can slowly update once we get closer to the release date and more data becomes available.

In other news, payday for February is closing in and it is looking really good. I think I have my first ever lens that made it into tier 1, which means a good chunk of advertising money.

I will return when I have an update on earnings.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another Squidoo Payout

This post is a bit delayed since the payout happened on the 15th of March, however I have been quite busy with a lot of stuff that is happening in my life at the moment.

This payday covered the money I earned with my lenses in January and I saw quite a jump in my earnings.

41.30$ was paid out to my PayPal account. It is still not close to being able to replace a job, but it is a nice little extra boost of money. It got me even more excited about Squidoo and I am working hard on getting my 70th lens created.

Right now I am at 68 lenses and I am hoping I can throw 2 more together before March is over. My latest lens is on some of the more unique LEGO items out there and I am hoping the gift guide can help me get more earnings and help people buy more interesting gifts. :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Clixsense does payout and is not a scam

Yesterday 7.64$ arrived at my PayPal account from Clixsense. That proves that Clixsense is indeed a genuine paid to click page. It doesn't mean however that it is worth the time it takes to actually earn the money. I have been clicking daily since end of August and I only earned enough for half a grocery shopping trip.

My final note reviewing Clixsense is as such, it is genuine, but your time can be spent much, much better.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Clixsense Cashout. Is it a scam?

Here we go. I clicked the button to cash out from Clixsense. I had collected 8$ and with the cashout fees I should receive 7.40$
Very much looking forward to see if I get this money or if Clixsense does turn out to be a scam in the end. 5 months of furious add clicking is over in any event, now I just need to get another 1.05$ at Neobux and I can stop this crazy clicking all together.

I am still doing surveys and still going strong with Squidoo though as both those venues seems to actually pay a meaningful amount of money. (although the time spent still puts the gains way below minimum wage in most countries)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goal reached!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After spending approximately 5 months add clicking, answering surveys and  writing on Squidoo I am proud to announce that my initial goal of 10€ had been reached. Today another 5€ was deposited into my bank from This brings me to a total value of 12.34€ earned on the Internet, 2.34€ more than my goal was.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly NONE of these comes from addclicking. That being said, which the change to Clixsense payout treshhold I might actually be able to pull out 8$ from them in 6 days time. (at 7.892$ atm, so should be doable.)

Pretty excited about January payday, I think it will be good as I have a good bunch of lenses in tier 3 and hopefully I will keep my Dwarf Rabbit Care lens in t2.

December pay day is first though and only 18 days or so away \^.^/

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Delayed earnings update, but with really good news.

My Internet disappeared for 5 days and I was as such unable to continue my clicking adventure or update this blog on earning money from home.
However, now I am back in full force and with some really good news!
But first the update on earnings from my online money making adventures:

Surveyhead: 15.05 $ still no new surveys from Surveyhead. So close, yet so very far
Clixsense : 7.729$ Part of the good news comes from ClixSense. From the 1st of February the payout treshold has been lowered to 8$. This means I should be able to cash in on my clicking adventure as I think I will probably reach 8$ around the start of February. Good news indeed!
Neobux: 0.827$ Still quite some way from the 2$ payout treshold.
Dungeons and Treasures : 10k gold and 1.197$
Mysurvey: 580 points (115 points is 1€) I am going to request a payout as I can get 5€ for 575 points.
GlobalTestmarked: 115 points (1000 points is 50$) These guys are really slow at sending out surveys and I don't think I will ever actually get anything from them.

The most exciting thing though is that I had my first payday at Squidoo.
 Squidoo: 7.19$ paid to my PayPal account. This is both Amazon sales and tier ranking. Not bad at all for the first payday! I currently have 3.10$ pending on my dashboard. And that ladies and gentlemen means that Squidoo has already for certain made me 10$ in 2 and a half month!

With my Squidoo paycheck this brings me to a total amount of 7.6 € paid out (as 7.19$ converts to approximately 5.6€).

And that is the second part of the good news. I am very, very close to my goal of 10€ \^.^/

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First earnings update of 2012

 New Years came and went and the world did not end.
I am back with an earnings update and to talk a little about my newest project. But first the numbers for the cold hard cash! :)

Surveyhead: 15.05 $ (I keep checking back on the site as I am quite close to the payout, but I haven't been given a survey for ages, maybe they don't want to pay me. We will see what happens)
Clixsense : 7.37$
Neobux: 0.713$
Dungeons and Treasures : 5.4k gold and 1.132$ + a tiny bit waiting for conversion from December.
Mysurvey: 480 points (115 points is 1€) I am saving up for the 5€ payout this time at 575 points
GlobalTestmarked: 115 points (1000 points is 50$) 10% mark reached. These guys are really slow at sending out surveys though

Recently I haven't received many surveys  at all and when I have, I haven't had much luck qualifying. We will see what happens now that Christmas and New Years is over.

 Squidoo: 4.29$ pending
Squidoo is quite interesting at the moment, because I am slowly building up and deciding upon a niche. (or should I say several niches.)
So far I am looking at Movies of the 90s one of my lenses on that is top 10 Cartoon and Animated movies of the 90s
Another niche is Magic the Gathering. I recently finished a list of all the Angel creature cards in MTG
The one niche I am the most excited about is Scandinavian Design. So Far I have only made one lens in the area, which is about Georg Jensen design, but it is something I am quite passionate about and I am looking into setting up an interlinked blog on the subject.

My first Payday on Squidoo will be the 15th of January and I am quite excited to see what will happen. I didn't have many lenses going in the first month though so probably wont be more than a few pennies, but still! :)

Overall Payout so far: 2 €

Oh yes, I promised to tell you about my newest project as well.  I have started a new blog just for fun. I call it the Pink-A-Rator. Have a look if you like pink stuff I am sure you will enjoy it.