Sunday, 8 April 2012

Future plans for making money

Right so I was made voluntary redundant from my job last friday which means I have to find another source of income.

Earning money on the web was always a little side hobby for me, it was nice with the extra money, but I wasn't relying on it to survive. Now however things are a bit more serious and it means I have to step up my game.

I am of course looking for a new job, however in the meanwhile I am going to spend as much time possible to see how much I can push my earnings online.

On the 6th of April I had 70 Squidoo lenses and the goal is that by the 14th of May I will have 100.

So far it is looking good and I have managed to create 4 quality articles, however I will need to publish approximately 1 per day to reach my goal. At the same time I can't neglect updating and tweaking the rest of them.

My most recent one is on Wizards of the Coast's newly announced Planechase 2012 Edition. So far there is not much information to add to the article, however it is something I can slowly update once we get closer to the release date and more data becomes available.

In other news, payday for February is closing in and it is looking really good. I think I have my first ever lens that made it into tier 1, which means a good chunk of advertising money.

I will return when I have an update on earnings.

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