Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goal reached!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After spending approximately 5 months add clicking, answering surveys and  writing on Squidoo I am proud to announce that my initial goal of 10€ had been reached. Today another 5€ was deposited into my bank from mysurvey.ie. This brings me to a total value of 12.34€ earned on the Internet, 2.34€ more than my goal was.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly NONE of these comes from addclicking. That being said, which the change to Clixsense payout treshhold I might actually be able to pull out 8$ from them in 6 days time. (at 7.892$ atm, so should be doable.)

Pretty excited about January payday, I think it will be good as I have a good bunch of lenses in tier 3 and hopefully I will keep my Dwarf Rabbit Care lens in t2.

December pay day is first though and only 18 days or so away \^.^/

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