Monday, 24 October 2011

Questions, many questions!

I am getting a bit impatient, the "money" is ticking in much slower than I was hoping and I am starting to realize that I might be sitting here still clicking next year at this time.

So! Time to branch out some more. I mentioned earlier that I've signed up for a couple of "Paid Survey" sites. So far most of them has been a disappointment, in the sense that they haven't actively offered me surveys. I do however seem to have some luck with It offers a 4$ start up bonus and it gives you credit for filling out surveys about yourself. Futhermore it seems to be sending out surveys every week. So far I have only managed to qualify for one which paid 1.25$, which was quite reasonable since the survey was only 10 minutes long. I received a mail about one that would have paid 5$ earlier today, however sadly I didn't fit the demographic. :(

Payout Treshold is 25$ so with my current 6.6$ there is still a way to go, however at least I feel like I earn a relevant amount of money considering the time I spend.

Anyways, here is a rundown of the current earnings from my different venues:

Clixsense : 4.52$
Neobux: 0.253$
Dungeons and Treasures : 0.021$ 252576 gold pending conversion (24930 of which my mother has earned for me <3 )
Mysurvey: 25 points (115 points is 1€)

So as you can see combined I have reached 11.394$ which is approximately 8.2€. Still a looooong way until I can redeem from any of the sites and actually say that I earned something.
I don't intend on giving up though. I will keep looking for new options and hopefully I will have cashed in before October next year! ;)


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