Tuesday, 4 October 2011

And we are off!

Okay so as mentioned I started this "project" approximately a month ago and I didn't start writing the blog until today. That means I owe you guys about a month worth of updates.

http://www.clixsense.com offers 2 types of clicks. 1 is the standard, click the advert for a sum of money. The second is sort of a lottery they call ClixGrid.

The first option provides a number of links to be clicked. Most of these offer 0.001$ per click. Yes that is right a 100th of a cent. If you are really lucky you will get one worth 0.005$ or 0.01$. The sites advertises that you can get up to 0.02$ per click, however as far as I am aware I have yet to see one of those crazy earning opportunities. Each click opens a new page with the advert in and 5 pictures in the top. You have to match two of the pictures in order for your click to count. This is an effort to ensure only real human beings are earning the astounding sums that are up for grabs.

You also have to have the page open (and as your main window on the computer) for a set amount of time before the credit is added to your account. The time varies depending on the sum and stretches from 3 seconds to 30 seconds.

The ClixGrid is a lottery. You pick a square on the board, it opens a new window to an advert, which you have to have open for 10 second before it shows you whether you won or not. You have 25 attempts per day and you can win up to 5$. Insane sums I know! So far I have actually won twice. 1 win of 0.01$ and 1 of the breathtaking amount of 0.025. To date I have done 813 clicks. That corresponds to 0.00.003$ per click. As I have spent 135.5 minutes or 2 hour and 15 minutes on this it mean the ClixGrid game sports an astounding 0.015$ an hour. Minimum wages says hello. ;)

Anyways I know everyone is waiting for the current running total so here we go since I started 29th of august I have earned: 1.43$ or 1.07 €. So there you have it. One tenth of the way to the goal!

Below is a screenshot of the daily gains for the last 30 days: 

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