Friday, 14 October 2011


Okay so I have 2 things to share.

The first thing is a piece of really great news.
Last wednesday I won in the Clixgrid game and this time it wasn't just 0.25$, no I won 2.50$ a sum that you could actually buy stuff for. It is 2 and a half liter of milk, 6 apples or a return bus ticket.

The win more than doubled my current earnings on the site and I now have 4.24$, this of course is still a long way from anything I can actually get cashed out, but I still feel I am much closer to the goal. Yay me!

The second thing I want to talk about is something I briefly touched upon in a previous blogpost. I have been looking around for alternative method of making money on the internet and one of the things I came across was Dungeons and Treasures.
Now this may sound a bit weird to most sane people, but I actually really enjoy this game. Here is a small breakdown.

The game is an oldschool dungeon crawler a little like a very simplified version of Eye of The Beholder, without the story part. You have a character that can gain levels and get better equipment. Each day you can visit the tavern and get access to a dungeon. In the dungeon you will find items and gold on the floor which you can pick up and you will of course have to fight monsters to level up and to be able to explore the entire dungeon.

Yeah, yeah you are probably thinking, but what about the money? Well remember the gold I mentioned? Each month your gold is converted to real money and once you have enough you can cash out. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well before you go crazy there are a few things to mention. Whenever a monster damages you, you get 1 wound. When you reach 6 wounds you loose a life. You only have 3 lives per day. Furthermore you can only get one dungeon per day, so once you are done exploring that you have to wait for the next day to get a new one and continue earning money. Lastly the conversion of gold to real money is of course not very high so you have to earn a good deal of gold to get enough to cash out, however personally I am having fun playing! :)

Last month I only go to play a tiny bit which meant I only had around 8k at the time of conversion. That has left me with 0.021$

Dungeons and Treasures is advertising that you get some benefits from referring people and I really wanted to try out whether that was true or not so I asked my mom if she would help me out. As she is awesome, she of course said yes immediately and signed up with me as her Godfather (heh). At the moment it seems that I am getting 30% of her earned gold added to my stack which is actually pretty cool. So far she has earned me about 7k in 3-4 days. I am still curious to see if this page will actually cash out once I reach 10$, but so far I have gotten what it says on the tin.

One funny little thing about the game is that it was originally french and the translations on the page is sometimes pretty funny, but if the site is actually going to pay me for something I find entertainment I am not going to complain about it.

Feel free to sign up using the referral link and help me check if the site actually pays. (or don't use the referral link, I wont be angry I promise. Just slightly disappointed :P )

On a final note. Yes my mom plays video games and yes she is pretty frigging amazing! :)

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