Monday, 17 October 2011

Sponsor Bonus

As I have visitors from home this week I might not have time to update the blog until monday, so figured I would write a few words tonight.

I logged in to a really nice surprise in Dungeons and Treasures yesterday. A message was waiting for me stating: "You've earned 23000 gold in the Top Sponsorship finishing at position 18th pretty neat bonus since it was approximately a 5th of what I had earned so far. Meanwhile my mother has now earned me 11.341 gold and my total gold is 174786 for the month to far. Will be pretty cool to see how much that is after the conversion to $. I don't have my hopes up too high, but maybe I will be able to make close to a dollar this month. :P

I never mentioned that I also signed up for another "click to get paid" website. This one is called Neobux. I wanted to check if it might be better than Clixsense, but so far it seems much slower (if that is even possible). There is no lottery and it looks like all adds rewards the same 0.001$ I signed up on the 7th of october and I have only managed 0.170$ so far. On the bright side, they apparently offer minimum payout of 2$ so maybe the site can help me get to my goal in combination with one of the others. However with this speed it will take me approximately 117 days to get to 2$ and that is without missing a single day of clicking. Soooo.... :)

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