Friday, 7 October 2011

More I need more!!!

So after celebrating my initial "success" with Clixsense (1.5$ and growing!) I sobered a bit. The page wont do payouts until I have collected 10$. With my current speed of earnings that means another 8 months or so before I see any actual real cash. That is not good enough, so I have set out to find other ways to make my 10€. I am going to race the cash out at Clixsense with other alternatives. Today I signed up for Neobux. So far I have managed to click myself to 0.015$. The site however promises payout at 2$, which hopefully means it wont be too long before I see the cash rolling in. Furthermore I signed up for multiple "get paid to for taking surveys" schemes and a single "play and get paid" site. The clever business woman branches out.. ;) 
I will keep you up to date!

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