Saturday, 3 December 2011

defeat at the 20 lens self-challenge - distracted by Magic the Gathering

Tonight is the last evening of my vacation and I must admit to defeat. I only made it to 19 lenses.
I am not too upset though as my failure is due to spending more time than expected writing and putting together my 19th lens, this time on the topic of Magic the Gathering abilities. 

I played a lot of Magic when I was younger and it is a topic I am quite passionate about. For some reason I hadn't actually thought about putting a lens together on the subject of Magic the Gathering before, but it came to me in the morning and I just had to do it. That is how it goes. Once I had gotten started I knew that I wouldn't feel right unless I actually put some proper effort into it and I ended up spending almost 6 hours putting it together.

In hindsight it might not have been a very smart move from a time/money perspective as I am not entirely sure whether it will actually earn any sales. (I have this sneaking feeling that the target audience will either not have the means to buy from Amazon or they will already have dedicated shopping sites. Anyways, we shall see, maybe I am lucky and hit the right segment of players. :)

Writing this up made me think that maybe I should add a starter set to the lens... brb need to fix the lens!

...And back. Okay, but yeah I am quite happy with my My Magic the Gathering lens and hopefully it be worth the time investment.

In other news, I am always trying to find more ways to get backlinks and so today I joined Loveblinks it is targeted towards providing backlinks for Squidoo lenses and furthermore it gives you adsense money for any clicks made on your "blinks". The site seems to work quite the same as Top Reviewer. You add a couple of links that have something in common, you add a description and a title and you are done.

Here is one I did on Christmas lenses.

Anyways, tomorrow is work, but maybe I can squeeze in enough time in the evening to create my nr. 20 lens.

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