Friday, 9 December 2011

Cute and funny Dwarf rabbits - how to make them companionable

Dwarf rabbits are extremely cute and funny which makes them excellent pets. They are not always 100% up for being held, but they are almost always available if you are offering to pet it with no strings attached. If your dwarf rabbit trusts you, it will start relaxing when you are around and you can end up with your bunny lying next to you on the sofa while you are watching your favourite show. (Although your pet rabbit might prefer the x-factor over twilight).
Here is my Dwarf rabbit Ronja, relaxing with me after he has had a good exersize.

Dwarf Rabbit Ronja, relaxing on the couch.
For you to build a relationship with your dwarf rabbit, where he is willing to lie still like this you need to make sure he trusts you and feels completely at ease in your company. Here are some good advice on how to build trust with your rabbit:

  • Make sure you handle your bunny on a daily basis.
  • Pick your rabbit up and stroke him. 
  • Make your bunny sit on your lap, but don't force it to stay. 
  • Make sure you give your bunny treats while you are petting it 
  • Most importantly of all. Don't restrict your rabbit when it doesn't want your company anymore. Bunnies are prey animals and does NOT like to be stuck.
If you follow that advice you should have a companionable, loyal little rabbit in no time.

As I have mentioned before I have written an entire lens on Dwarf Rabbit care which at this point has gotten quite extensive (and luckily it has also started to get quite regular google traffic). Check it out for more dwarf rabbit pictures, info and for a funny bunny video of a Dwarf rabbit playing.

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