Thursday, 8 December 2011

Earnings update

Very exciting news this update. I have withdrawn my first money. I reached 230 points on mysurvey for which I withdrew 2€ to my paypal account. After their charges I now have 1.63€ on my account. The first money I have earned from this whole project. 8.37€ to go! :D
Surveyhead: 13.85$
Clixsense : 6.01$
Neobux: 0.570$
Dungeons and Treasures : 16k gold currently processing and 1.132$ (I only played Dungeon and Treasures once this month, but my mom has been playing and I am still getting referral gold from her).
Mysurvey: 0 points (115 points is 1€)
GlobalTestmarked: 95 points (1000 points is 50$) slowly slowly nearing the 10% mark.

And finally Squidoo:
Squidoo: 2.94$ (pending to get paid to my PayPal account.

I haven't earned much on Squidoo the last couple of days despite now having 22 lenses and quite a lot of traffic. I am still trying to find my niche and to figure which types of lenses will make you money and which wont. It is still tons of fun though so I am just going with it. One thing that worries me though is that my main lenses that gets traffic atm is the christmas ones and I am scared that once christmas is over I wont see any traffic. We will see though I still have 16 days to go until the holiday season is over so theres plenty of time to add some non christmas related lenses. :)

One more thing. I am now only 4$ from my first Clixsense payout, which is both awesome and also very frustrating as it sounds like very little, but in reality it is A LOT. i was just looking at my Clixgrid earnings and  I have won 2.95$ on the game, but I have also clicked 2.271 times that is 0.0013$ per click as each click takes 10 sec to validate that means and hourly income of 0.46$ which is quite ridicolous. Still hoping for that 5$ win though as that would be a quick way to reach my goal.

I'm writing lenses on Squidoo and would love you to join me 

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