Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Squidoo Squidoo Squidoo

I have been writing like a madman on Squidoo trying to get some money lenses going. I now have 15 lenses. Some of them I am more happy about than others. My top lens is still Ireland in Pictures however the visitor stream is dying down now that the initial run from lens of the day has disappeared. I am trying to save the lens rank by keeping it updated regularly. Lens rank equals payout from Squidoo so I would love to keep it high.

My Dwarf Rabbit Care lens is getting a lot of google traffic, which is awesome. It also just had its first sales yesterday so it has started earning me money. We will have to see if it keeps up, but right now I am super happy with the lens.

My newest lens is Hello Kitty iPhone skins I was looking through Amazon and I found these amazing Hello Kitty themes for iPhone, iPad, iPod and for the Kindle. I just had to put together a lens about it. I have no clue whether it will do well or not, but I do know that after writing the lens I really want an iPad so I can put one of the Hello Kitty iPad Cases on it. ;)

I also put together a lens on how to make Woven Paper Heart Baskets this was a pretty cool lens to write as I was doing all the crafting at the same time and I got into the christmas spirit while I was crafting, listening to christmas music and typing up the lens.

Then there is my lens on Blankets and throws. It got it's first comment today and it is very new so it isn't too strange that it is not more visited. I hope I got my keywords right for it and that it will start getting google hits at some point.

My purple star lens "My quest for the perfect Waffle Iron" has gotten a bit of Google traffic, however doesn't seem to be getting any sales. At least not yet. I do get some nice comments from the awesome people at Squidoo so that is something! :)

All in all things are better than I had expected, but I am a very impatient person and it annoys me when some of my lenses are not getting any visitors at all. I will need to tweak it seems! Tomorrow I will throw another update on earnings for all my projects. Hopefully there will be some nice numbers to show overall! :)

Join me in writing for Squidoo.

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